Can you see those black spots on carpet as well as black carpet lines? These spots and lines are caused by soil filtration. What is infiltration in carpet and how can you avoid it?

Defining Soil Filtration

Soil infiltration is indirectly caused by the ventilation system, as the air that gets forced inside a room or space passes through gaps, causing pollutants to get trapped in the carpet. Aside from dust and fireplace ash, smoke coming from candles, cigarettes, and cooking oils worsen the black dust from air vents. Soiling in carpet occurs even in the cleanest household, so you don’t have to worry about failing to keep your house clean despite frequent housekeeping.

Black Spots on Carpet

Seeing black spots on carpet is a nightmare for many, as soiling causes discoloration that couldn’t be fixed even by repeatedly washing or removing stubborn stains. The pollutants are fine particles that get trapped in the inner fibers of a carpet. Bacteria build up in carpet can cause further soiling. This requires the help of a cleaning company’s professional services with typical cleaning solutions coupled with steam cleaning. This can take a lot of patience as a steamed carpet takes longer to dry. However, in some quite extreme cases, it couldn’t be possible to remove all soiling traces and carpet lines thoroughly.

Preventing Soil Filtration

Change Your HVAC Filters Often

Now that you know what is infiltration in carpet, it’s time to take measures to prevent it from happening and keep your carpet looking new. Keep those little black spots on carpet at bay by checking on your HVAC system closely. Frequently cleaning the air ducts and changing HVAC filters are effective precaution measures so black dust from air vents doesn’t get released from the HVAC system to your home.

Mind the Gaps

Gaps need to be eliminated since the air seeks a passage for escape. When interior doors are kept open, air moves freely along the openings so it doesn’t get forced to travel down into the carpet. The baseboard trim and carpet would normally have gaps, and these can be sealed off with the use of an expandable foam sealant. The gaps may be small or not, and you might find it helpful to first clear the area by pulling the carpet away from the wall. This is also to make sure that you don’t get the carpet stained. Once done, use a knee kicker or stretcher to reinstall the carpet over the tack strips.

Little Black Spots on Carpet

Make Some Changes

Making lifestyle changes is a huge help in reducing pollutants. Limit or if possible, avoid burning candles indoors as well as smoking. Dust your home every now and then and do frequent vacuuming to avoid seeing little black spots on carpet.

Now that you know what is infiltration in carpet as well as how you can avoid it, take the time to do a house check and include carpet cleaning in your winter cleaning checklist to avoid those nasty carpet lines. If you took all the precautions and the carpet stains keep coming back, then other issues may be at hand. Lastly, you can simply opt for a dark carpet color so you can be at peace.

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