Top Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are many carpet cleaning companies you can turn to for your home or business cleaning. It is important to understand the various types of carpet cleaning methods different companies employ. Not all carpet cleaning methods will work for your wall-to-wall carpet. So, what are the top carpet cleaning methods?

This article will help you understand the various methods and why they are used so you can choose which is right for you.

Top Carpet Cleaning Methods
Top Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This method is popularly known as steam carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning uses high-pressure hot water to rouse the carpet fiber and eliminate the dirt in the carpet. This method usually involves applying a cleaning agent on the dirty surface, scrubbing the carpet using a brush, and rinsing.

Once the cleaning agent makes its way into the carpet fiber after a short while, the carpet is washed by special cleaning equipment to remove the cleaning agent. Then the carpet is left to dry in air-conditioned or at room temperature.

It would take about 2 hours to clean an average 3000sq ft carpeted office and a minimum of 4 hours to dry it. Cleaning companies prefer to clean carpets late in the afternoon. This is so the carpet to can dry overnight on time for the resumption of regular office hours.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing was popular until the 1970s, after the introduction of encapsulation technology. A heavily soiled carpet may benefit from carpet shampooing. However, this method leaves behind residues of wet foam in the carpet, which takes a long time to dry.

There is no rinsing when shampooing carpet. The residues make the carpet sticky after drying and make it easier for the carpet to get soiled again.


The process of foam encapsulation uses synthetic cleaners as a base that turns into powder once dry. Once the applied cleaning detergent dries, dirt particles on the carpet fiber are enveloped into the powder and then brushed or vacuumed once the foam dries.

This technique has more benefits than the carpet shampooing method, as it uses less water during cleaning. As a result, it is the preferred quick-drying carpet cleaning method. This method also ensures there's less chemical residue left behind than shampooing the carpet. This is the method of choice for companies advocating for the use of environmentally friendly products.

This quick-drying carpet cleaning method has acceptable results. But, it still has limitations and isn't the best method for cleaning heavily soiled carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

The bonnet cleaning method refers to cleaning the top part of the carpet fiber to achieve a clean surface. Dirt is absorbed from the carpet's surface using a motorized machine with a spinning pad soaked in a cleaning solution. Hotels use this method because it is fast and ensures that heavy traffic areas requiring cleaning dry quickly. This prevents disruptions to hotel guests.

Bonneting does not provide a deep-cleaning solution, so dirt found beneath the carpet fiber will always come up again and soil the carpet. It also leads to the build-up of chemical residue due to pressure from the spinning pad and the heavy-duty machine. They push the cleaning solution into the carpet and the dirt remaining below the carpet's surface.

Top Carpet Cleaning Methods
Top Carpet Cleaning Methods

Dry Carpet Cleaning

One of the latest carpet cleaning technologies in the market today is dry carpet cleaning. It is also known as compound cleaning. The method has become increasingly popular and is approved by leading wall-to-wall manufacturers due to its effective performance and convenience.

This method is the best quick-drying carpet cleaning method as it requires no time to dry the carpet after cleaning. Since the 1980s, after the invention of carpet cleaning technology, various types of cleaning powders and compounds have found their way into the market. Many people still haven't bought into this cleaning technology since it is still new, as opposed to other methods of carpet shampooing that have been used for decades.

The most significant benefit of this method is its use of a motorized counter rotating brush machine to apply carpet cleaner to the bottom part of a carpet. This allows the carpet fiber to open up and the cleaning compounds to settle in it, resulting in a thoroughly cleaned carpet.

Carpet cleaners are usually biodegradable and work like micro-sponges, effectively absorbing dirt from the carpet, which is released after the cleaning process. Manufacturers of carpet cleaning equipment set themselves apart by developing unique cleaning powders and compounds and customizing the design and function of their equipment.

This method of quick-drying carpet cleaning is approved for all carpet types. It is best for commercial offices that need to operate 24/7 since office operations do not get interrupted during the cleaning process.

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