Dog or cat urine sitting in your carpet is always a nightmare, and if you don’t know how to get rid of urine smell immediately, cleaning gets tougher. Imagine the buildup of bacteria and the soaked pad, making the urine seep into the wood floors and even in sub-floors or concrete. Have you ever wondered, does bleach kill dog pee smell? Here are things you need to know on how to remove urine smell.

Using the Right Products

Removing urine odor is just like getting rid of old juice stains from a carpet – it requires patience.


Ammonia is undoubtedly an effective cleaning agent but you shouldn’t use it when cleaning up dog or cat pee. Does bleach kill dog pee smell? Urine is known to have a strong odor of ammonia, and if you think that to bleach cat urine is the solution, then you are wrong. Bleach and dog urine together is a big no-no, and the same goes if you plan to bleach cat urine. Adding ammonia will worsen the smell, and it will most likely attract cats and trigger them to pee again in the same area.

Household Cleaning Agents

Bleach should never be used alongside ammonia since this combo is a deadly mix. Inhaling the fumes alone can be deadly. Neutralize ammonia smell of urine by using other cleaning substances. Cleaning agents found in the household such as vinegar, baking soda, peroxide, and dish detergent are safe to use but they can only do so much.

ning Cat Urine From Concrete Floor
Cleaning Cat Urine From Concrete Floor

Just like reappearing carpet stains, the stinky odor of urine is hard to get rid of and it requires a more potent cleaning agent. Sticking to the usual cleaning agents may be ineffective, and you may just end up cleaning the hard way by having the floors and sub-floors replaced to completely remove the odor.

Enzyme-based Cleaners

Neutralize ammonia odor by having an enzyme-based cleaner break down the bacteria in the urine. This product can be bought from online shops or pet stores and can be used more than once to treat the affected area.

Unlike dealing with infiltration in carpets, the carpet area must be saturated with the enzyme cleaner by blotting it and letting it air dry. This can be done twice before using an extracting carpet cleaner to shoot down the water deep into the carpet fibers before sucking it back up for cleaning. You can also have your carpet steam cleaned and learn how it can dry quickly.

Cleaning Pee in Concrete

Cleaning cat urine from concrete floor is a tough job. It is difficult to spot urine and it is more difficult to learn at once how to get urine smell out of concrete. You’ll only find out your pets have been littering in your garage or basement when you smell it. The odor is particularly strong during humid and warm days. Bleach doesn’t clean but it disinfects, and it is also toxic for your pets so avoid using it to clean concrete.

How to Get Urine Smell Out of Concrete
How to Get Urine Smell Out of Concrete

Before cleaning cat urine from concrete floor, scan the floors and lower walls by using a backlight before washing the spots with cleaning agents. Use a 1:1 solution of water and vinegar with two teaspoons of baking soda before treating the area with an enzymatic cleaner and covering it. The cleaner should soak the concrete or cement for about 24 hours before starting to clean it.

The odor of cat pee usually stays longer than dog urine because of its higher concentration so you need to learn how to get urine smell out of concrete effectively. Cleaning your carpet thoroughly must be done since pots under your carpet can linger even for years. Including it in your winter cleaning checklist can make sure that you clean it often.

Does bleach kill dog pee smell? It doesn’t, since bleach and dog urine are a bad combination. Now that you have learned how to remove urine smell from carpet and concrete, stick to using enzyme cleaners. If enzyme cleaners don’t do the job, then you can consider hiring the services of a professional cleaning expert who has mastered how to get rid of urine smell effectively.

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